Darshan is an engineer from IIT Delhi and has had extensive experience as a software evangelist and technologist. Currently he works in the field of AI/ML. He is a part time studio musician and a passionate astrologer.

In astrology, he mainly spends time learning about pending karma, remedies, blank chart predictions, nakshatra based predictions and remedies and Paribhraman Paddhati.

Greatly inspired by his mentor Shri Deepanshu Giri from Lunar Astro, he has started off on sharing his experience and learnings for the betterment and help of people.

In tradition of his Guru cum mentor, Shri Deepanshu ji, he has also attached below a set of pages with whatsapp images containing some of his predictions.ย 

  1. ย Some Crazy Predictionsย – 1
  2. ย Some Crazy Predictions ย – 2