Fourth House in Astrology

Concepts we will learn in this chapter

  1. What are the “karaka” portfolios of the fourth house? What all does the fourth house stand for? What all things are represented by the fourth house?
  2. Which planets are the karakas of the fourth house?
  3. Which planets gain directional strength in the fourth house?
  4. What are the significations of planets in fourth house?
  5. How to interpret Sun in 4th house?
  6. How to interpret Moon in 4th house?
  7. How to interpret Mars in 4th house?
  8. How to interpret Mercury in 4th house?
  9. How to interpret Jupiter in 4th house?
  10. How to interpret Venus in 4th house?
  11. How to interpret Rahu in 4th house?
  12. How to interpret Ketu in 4th house?
  13. What all about a person can be interpreted from the fourth house?
  14. Which years are influenced by the fourth house according to Padam Chakra or Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP)?
  15. Which portfolios or characteristics of a chart are determined by the fourth house when using Bhavat Bhavam concept?
  16. How to interpret the concept of “fourth from any house”?
  17. How do planets in 4th house affect 9th house matter?

Planets in the Third house

At a high level, these are the characteristics which planets bring to a native when they are placed in the “sukha bhava” or Fourth house (please remember, the sign placement will change the nature of these planets also).

Sun in the Fourth House

Sun is the karaka of one’s intelligence , authority education, power and also the pitris. When sun enters the 4th house, it loses digbala. One tends to find authority in the house or with the local government. The person may enjoy a position of power or influence in either place. The mental orientation of such a person to come to peace at all costs. The person fight with authority to protect his house, country or motherland. By aspecting the 10th House, this sun although low in directional strength may provide the person with authority at a local or State Government level. This looks counter-intuitive but is observed in many charts. Person will find great peace of mind by means of education and speculation. Lal Kitab says that such a person will leave a legacy of wealth or savings for his children. 4th house is an emotional place for sun to be. The person tends to use intellect and authority in emotional way but for the protection of those he feels protective or motherly towards. Literally, one’s mother maybe a powerful or authoritative person specially at home. Pride of the house and motherland is of utmost importance.

Moon in the Fourth House

Moon enters the 4th house the native a very emotional personality but one which is basically peaceful at heart. Home Is Where the heart is. By aspecting the 10th House, profession may get influenced and could be around those involving women’s affairs, personal care,, nursing , or home science. Will find great peace of mind by spending time at home on food , nutrition, home decor. This could be the placement of a house worker, home maker or someone who imparts professionally peace and care to the world. Someone who is interested in one’s own care, nutrition and upbringing as well as of others. Someone who is really a mother to all.

Mars in Fourth House

This person in a fight may bail out because to this person peace of mind own piece is mire important at all costs in case of conflict or any skirmish. All affairs of the house are of interest to this person. The person made take responsibility of one’s mother or household in general. This could lead to emotional turmoil and fights at home. The person and needs some task or activity in his house to keep him busy. Normally this person may have dented vehicles. Even the house they build is one which is built from scratch or by breaking down old structures and then rebuilding them. This person will keep altering or renovating things at home and cannot stay without some action happening there.

Mercury in Fourth House

This placement of Mercury can give mixed results. The intellect can get foggy or emotionally confused. The person’s daily routine may get tied to their house. This can in some cases make professional career suffer. If afflicted, dis placement can give diseases of the mind. The person may be inclined to impersonate and verbally get in disputes with others in the house over property aur other asset in the house. Verbal fight in general give the person strange peace of mind. This is however a good placement to trade in food , home items aur properties. Person may acquire multiple homes and vehicles through loans. There could be a tendency to meddle in the financial accounts of the house which can lead to verbal arguments.

Jupiter in the fourth house

This has been considered a favourable position for Jupiter where it tends to be in in it exalted state. Knowledge, wisdom and higher deeds give this person maximum peace of mind. A person may have to make sacrifice sacrifices and expenditures for the Welfare of the house. The company of guru and father are preferable in this case. There may be a collection of books and wisdom oriented literature at once home. In General the person has great faith in the divine . Great Advice is readily available to this person at home. The person normally likes living in a big , airy house surrounded b trees which bring fresh air.

Venus in the 4th house

In this position Venus has great directional strength. It has the capability promise the native great luxury wealth , assets, vehicles and comfort at home. Normally such a person will always have cash at hand unless afflicted. Spouse may bring great peace and affection to the native. The spouse may have more motherly nature rather than a romantic one. Marriage in general brings happiness and peace of mind. The person may love having peaceful candle light dinners and gift the spouse nice “ratnas” or jewels. The person may convert cash to ornaments and in general store them at home.

Saturn in the fourth house

Not a great position for saturn to be in. This can create emotional isolation and a sense of depression around the human being. Drinking and intoxicants in general can intensify these effects. Inflicted moon on top of this can spell danger to the native. The person may like working from home and have a tendency to bring office work home. There could be a sense of rejection aur isolation from family members. For general well being of the mother, this is not a great placement unless the mother is a working professional. In that case results can be much better.

Rahu in 4th house

An extremely emotional person who may have emotional ups and downs with the family. Emotional expectations from mother is high who may herself be quite diplomatic yet be hyper emotional. One’s desires for one’s house, vehicles and other items which can bring happiness are unnaturally high. The desire to gain properties of one’s family may cause emotional drama at home. The mother maybe the king of the house. Keeping good relations with mother and mother like figures is a good remedy for the native to achieve gains and other desires of life. The ultimate urge of this person is to have a big modern house full of all the modern luxuries, exotic things and paraphernelia.

Ketu in 4th house

This person make get separated from the house early on in life. In terms of inheritance this person make get less than what may be expected. Person main gain inheritance after splitting into multiple parts. The mother maybe spiritually blind or may be detached from affairs of the house . There is not a great interest the native has regarding the duties of the house and other manual labour which may be involved. Any house or property is achieved after getting completely detached from the idea of having one. The person may have a life pattern on off living houses which are at corners. The person may not show great enthusiasm to take physical care of the house and its physical appearance may deteriorate.

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