Nadi leaves, treachery and your dashas

“Your future is in the leaves” – Nadi readings

Sometimes we try to look for our future in palm leaves, thumb prints, charts, horoscopes and divine consultations. But do you know that sometimes these very people who have come to help you may actually be coming to delude you and set you up?

What makes them do so?

It is your own dashas. The reason I myself got into astrology big time was some of these consultations and divine readings themselves. I had once gone to one such nadi center in 2011 in Gurgaon, called by the name of Agastya Mahashiva Sukshma Nadi Center, in Sector 31. The predictions they gave for the next two years were so accurate that it built confidence for the next few years. It gave the firm impression that I have been divinely guided. (In fact a website used to be run by these Nadi folks called which is now nowhere to be found.

But then what happened after that time? The confidence of the predictions of next two years was so good that it made me take steps which lead me to my financial ruin and total destruction of my career. Something which was never predicted by these leaves!!!! And ever since 2014 till today, I have wondered, how many more would have been ruined in the same way. Some did get helped because their predictions went good. However some got destroyed – because the nadi mislead them. Their correct predictions upto a time built a false confidence which lead them to make decisions which actually destroyed them. The Nadis talk about readings coming from Sage Agastya and being spoken about as a conversation between Lord Siva and Parvati themselves. Even in the recordings which are given as part of the reading session itself proudly claim that since they have been spoken by Lord Siva that they are bound to happen! But then they don’t in many cases, which is something they don’t tell.

So I did a part study of the cases where the predictions went wrong and came to a slight startling conclusion. Most of the people in whose cases the nadi palm leaf readings went wrong were those in whose cases the dashas of Rahu or Saturn or planets sitting with them were to start. The leaves deliberately misguided these people so that they would suffer in these mahadashas. Very cruel, strange and sad indeed! So their karma was to get misguided by going to these thumb print / leaf readers who would win their trust by predicting correctly , only to fall prey to their mahadashas which were to trap them by giving them a false sense of confidence from these readings.

In fact I came to another startling conclusion and Lal Kitab talks about it very evidently.

If you have a 9th house Rahu (and you can apply this principle to Rahu in Sagittarius, or a Rahu Jup conjunction too), then chances are that the Gurus you are going to get in your life are going to be those who will have their own huge innate desires (think Rahu!) . They have come to extract their own “money” or “interests” from you and they will caste the spell on you that you end up spending more on them, and one should be careful to fall in that trap. Because after they have fulfilled their desires, you are only going to get cheated, not going to derive any benefit out of it.

Having looked back – all the people who had dashas of Rahu or planets sitting with them got trapped in this very trap! They did the pujas as the nadis told, spending huge amounts (you know how much pujas cost on an average and especially those which are continued for multiple months on an end!) Those who had dashas of Saturn or planets sitting with them never got out of the problem and also got cheated further in life (Saturn is also a planet for lies and cheating)

In the end, all these people ended up in financial misery after the “Gurus” or “divine” people had extracted the money out of these hapless people. They all ended up into financial problems. So what happens to such people who get trapped in the name of “divine scripts” or “divine help”? The problem does not end there. Till the dasha is on, such people will keep coming in your life to extract their pound of flesh from you. Once you end up in trouble, you will go to other Gurus, astrologers, teachers. In most of these cases, you will end up spending money, but the dasha of Sat / Rahu or planet under it’s grip will keep tormenting you and keep confusing you.

So as a final piece of advice – be very very very careful and check your own dashas before you end up going to an astrologer or a Guru or a divine “script” or a nadi leaf guy. If your own dasha is to get cheated, these very agents will come to cheat you and not get fooled by the names of Lord Siva or the Rishis being used in the process, because the Grahas will give their results. In the end, your own knowledge of your horoscope will come to save you! No “divine” script can save you if your own dasha is against you and in fact these people will come to make you suffer, because that is the trap being laid by nature for you.

From personal experience, after getting completely destroyed by the false predictions in business and career, I myself got much deeper into astrology to realize the energies of my own chart. Something which every one of us should do. Why? Because it is your own job to protect your own life and self interests and your own bad dashas come to teach you that… how to protect your own self by building your own skills and knowledge.

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  1. The article exudes a message of self-criticism which very few , in fact very very few on this planet have the integrity and the resolute strength to publish on a public blog for the benefit of the masses. I thank you sir rather bow down to such exemplary dissemination intended for the good of the public.

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