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Jupiter transit Aquarius in April 2021

What are the characteristics of Jupiter? Let’s talk about them. Guru stands for your Boss, father, expansion, righteous behaviour, elders, banks, savings, Dharma, higher principles, charity, e donation, jeeva, spirituality, bhagya, divinity, grace, Temple, places of higher Learning, banks, religious festivals, places of religion, good advice, counselling, preaching sacrifice for higher principles, Aakash, aakashvani, religious rituals, duty and dharma.

Aquarius also rules large gatherings. The tattva of jupiter is Aakash and Rahu which is the co ruler of Aquarius is denoted having airy qualities as well. However lal Kitab gives Aquarius a blue colour which can belong to the sky or the deep oceans. This is where this combination of Jupiter in Aquarius becomes interesting. Rahu which is the ruler of Aquarius bends rules and therefore Jupiter in Aquarius has the challenge of combining jupiter’s righteousness with rahu’s deviousness. This is where your principles will be challenged the most.

What happens if you follow the rules and what happens if you don’t? Rahu will let you attain your desired because Aquarius stands for desire desires. But Jupiter stands for principals. Jupiter takes a fall if principles are not maintained. Bhagya luck a good blessings go bad aur run out of favour with divine blessings or the divine will if if righteousness is not followed.

Aquarius stands for your desires. Desire which you need to fulfill before your final emancipation which happens in the subsequent sign of Pisces. Here the results are very similar to your last wishes before merging into the final consciousness which Pisces stands for. Pisces stands for the final liberation from the cycle of death and birth , also called achieving Moksha. When Jupiter was in Capricorn in the company of Saturn in 2020, we saw events related to banks getting closed or consolidated. Also, scarcity of funds and financial scarcity because Saturn stands for shortage and scarcity which is how the conjunction worked for Jupiter. Banks got consolidated and came closer to dying out because of this conjunction. This is one of the reasons why in India the farmers protest was able to postpone the implementation of the laws because Jupiter – the law or the law giver, was in the sign of debilitation of Capricorn. Jupiter The lawmaker Lost power in the sign of Saturn. Saturn stands for those who were either forming the lower Strata of society or the people who serve and form the basis of the social structure. Jupiter and Saturn sign could not get enough power for the laws to be brought into implementation. This position of Jupiter also created a scarcity of funds in the financial sector and general loss of hope among people.

12 years back during the financial crisis of 2008 2009 when Jupiter was also in Capricorn a similar situation of scarcity of funds was created and Financial Institutions closed down. Jupiter also stands for religious functions and festivals. All functions got closed down this year in the time because of this conjunction in Capricorn as Hajj was closed and so were most festivals in temples and churches. The ninth house or Jupiter also stands for large congregations for celebration of religious festivals.

Jupiter in Aquarius or in conjunction with Rahu gives huge life to one’s Desire and positivity. However this positivity may be fake or may be pretentious. The serpentine desires of Rahu can tarnish the pure positivity of Jupiter. This can lead to unethical behavior and in some cases and huge expectations and desires on The Spiritual path which could be interlaced with materialistic goals. However these materialistic goals should not be achieved unethically else Jupiter suffers. This can lead to suffering of one’s Bhagya which Jupiter stands for. This is the challenge of Jupiter in Aquarius.

Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn causes life and life force to sink or slow down. Jupiter with Rahu makes life force expand but also expands desires along the way. This is the main difference between the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius when differentiating between the role of Saturn in Capricorn for Aquarius. Aquarius is a fulfillment of your desires before Moksha. Unethical modus operandi adopted in fulfillment of these desires would lead to a fall of the native back into the sign of Capricorn where Saturn takes over. Saturn has full power in the sign of Capricorn where the user has to to pay back for whatever unethical methods were used in Aquarius to fulfill one Desire. Jupiter in Aquarius digital opportunities and divine Grace to fulfill them. Rahu provide you the means to fulfill them quickly (Aquarius is also your pending or last desires before Moksha which needs to be fulfilled), and saturn punishes you in case the Desire was unethical wrong or achieved through shady means.

This year we have the interesting combination of Jupiter being in Aquarius and Rahu being in Taurus.

Jupiter in Aquarius stands for sudden expansion of Desire and games. It also stands for intense Desire for life because Jupiter is a Jeev kara ka. This transit is mainly going to be troublesome for people having Jupiter transit in the 6th 8th or 12th house and also the 10th House which will be explained later.

Aquarius stands for great movements, large graphs and organisations, networks, higher ups, networks, games, desires & wishes , sudden expansion, large swarthy features, railroads criss-crosses , road networks, foreigners, mlechchhas, large events , mass movements and sudden gains.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Aries Lagna

The transit of Jupiter in Aries can provide games through Foreign Affairs, spending on education or travel. Also it can provide games through large charitable events. This year year when Jupiter transit, native could be involved in large spiritual organisations. Person may also travel to big religious congregations or events. This is an year when opportunities for gains through foreign channels or sources can happen. Wishes and desires of your boss or elders in the family could be acquired with their own self efforts. Any kind of Higher Education or efforts involving travel and education will be positively uplifting. Expect a gain in salary which could also be followed by increased expenses.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Taurus

Expect a transformation at place of work and sudden games of workplace. This could happen because of some sudden recommendation. there could be e an increase in salary or gains from professional work. Some elderly person at workplace, or the boss could have an exit it during latter part of the Year. Jupiter transit in the 10th House is it is tricky because person gets no recognition through you work done ethically. The person only gets blame or his work goes unrecognised. Jupiter here may get the temptation to have professional games using unethical means. But this may backfire and cause unnecessary blame to come to the self. Pressures may come from the boss to use backhanded means which can lead to loss of reputation.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Gemini lagna

This could be an year year of travel which may include the elders and life partner. Long pending designers of travel, work ok and going to religious places could fructify. Also work me involved travelling to places of learning. There could be subsequent gains through it as well. Kriya could involve activities related to trainings for learning in large organisations. In general expect gains in the long term through learning, last meetings for festivals involving large groups of people. Spouse may also take initiative to start new learning for long term gains. Teaching consultant and advising others and gaining through it would be the theme of this transit.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for cancer Lagna

Expect big transformations in daily work routine because of some emergency situation. This could involve the elders of the family awesome starting change in the long term goals. Expect gains through spiritual transformation and true hidden knowledge. This will become a part of your daily routine. Expect hidden help from people with knowledge which will come to help during times of crisis. Expect great transformation in your understanding of spirituality and Higher Learning. Not a good time from health perspective for self and for in laws. There could be problems with the bank or earning through Investments. There could be a change in the saving and investment patterns and the choice of Financial Institutions for the same. You will hide your Investments, sources of income and your general investments and gain through them.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Leo Lagna

Expect again aur change in position aur rank in your public profile. They could be acquisition of a new position for a new role. This could be associated with some new work related to a large organisation. You could be involved on public platforms advising people on financial matters aur how to achieve there long term Desire. They could be travel and iD probable gain through these excursions. There will be a desire to increase the size of one’s real estate Holdings because 7th house is the fourth to fourth (bhavat bhavam). Public image will improve on social media channels and in large groups. A public facing work routine aur joining large organisations would bring great improvements in self image and perception. Lower back could give problems.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Virgo Lagna

This transit could bring games of property or real estate by taking debt. Games could also come by advising others on debt instruments. Also there could be a tendency to take large loans or how to gain through them in some way by advising others. There could be a problem of bones arthritis for general problems in legs bone and spine. Expenses hand illness spouse can happen through travel. There could be a less in general in the family especially for elders. Comforts with elders in the family could be resolved by keeping patients. Peace of mind could be destroyed in the process. Very important to behave ethically in family and with spouse. Unethical Advisories in personal or professional life could Trigger illness or skirmishes inlife. Any financial for family dispute could get resolved through peaceful means.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Libra Lagna

this transit could Trigger a new routine like a daily walk yoga or some regimen related to self learning for ultimate games. You could be inclined to pick up new skills and educate yourself for financiala gain. Your own personal skills are competency could land you with advisory authority and some respectable position or position of power. You may get recommended by your seniors for it. You will be attracted to authorities especially if you are in larger organisations. Loans or debts could dissolve. Financial Express expansion and games I would follow any change in authority power or position of the native. Do not forget to self educate yourself along the way and make it a part of your daily learning.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Scorpio Lagna

This year could mean for the investment in real estate aur land for long term gains. The 4th house or the sukh sthan would see contentment and happiness through games at home real estate property or vehicles. Then however could be a loss of position aur power through cheating for some kind of false blame. In general happiness through people of the largest family meeting you at home would be the theme of this transit. Expect large gatherings at home bringing you great happiness and peace of mind. You may be tempted to invest in larger properties are houses for games. You may be inclined to learn more about investments and indulge in self learning from home.

Jupiter in Aquarius for Sagittarius Lagna

Expect travel or even relocation. There will be a great focus on acquiring skills for financial gains. There could be opportunities to teach from home aur nearby places. Teaching others new skills is recommended for self growth and eventual gains. High degree of optimism and increase in willpower would be the theme of this transit. Family members and self could be involved intravel two places of Higher Learning and wisdom. All desires will be fulfilled true self effort and by taking new initiatives. You may explore certifications or some kind of acquisition of skills from large universities or places of learning.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Capricorn Lagna

Expect Gate expenses on family members which could involve travel aur hospitalization. There could be increase in expenses because of relatives and near ones coming home. In general relatives and largest family could go through a. of increased expenditure. There could be a large family functions or gathering wish him also increase these expenditures. You may also acquired some basic knowledge of financial Investments for future financial Wellness. Creative skills or or working in foreign lands or in isolation using struct ethical codes could bring financial gain. it is extremely important that you have to think good of everyone including people in large. You may be inclined to invest your savings in speculative instruments.

Jupiter transit Aquarius for Aquarius Lagna

This transit will bring great focus on making yourself financially sound. Family members cousins and in general relatives will give you you sound advice. People in prominent position for those who are are educated in their line of work could get in touch with you out of the blue. Their guidance will open up channels of fulfillment of your long-term Desire. Give me gain land and property but at the expense of your peace of mind. Largest family will in general be supportive and provide sound advice. Financial games may reduce because of further reinvestment. Those who are add job to see their Boss provide good counselling and assist them in their rise.

Jupiter in Aquarius for for Pisces Lagna

This transit could bring great desire to travel aur do in isolation. Remote places will attract you. Long term Desire charity donation and acts of kindness make it completed. Some professional exit associated with your guide or Boss may happen. There could be travel with respect to professional work which may be benefit beneficial. Siblings and close friends may go through to increase expenditures got trouble because of desirous of financial well-being. Travel and charity increase spending but lead to to overall satisfaction. Dreams and self imagination would be e great sources of getting guidance and advise. You may be involved in travelling to places of large movements or large festivals and congregations.

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  1. Namaste,
    Thanks for the predictions.Could connect to it so much and waiting for it to happen as well.Please put a blog on Jupiter transit on natal planets as well and please do write up more blog.
    Warm Regards,

  2. Namaskara,
    Beautifully articulated first part where you explained in terms of energies how Jupiter would behave and it’s consequences in Aquarius. It is very helpful for novices in astrology to understand transits and enery transition where you compared this year’s transit with last years. And when it comes to lagna-wise projections, totally could relate with my own and notice changes in behavior/habits of family members around!
    Thank you very much Sirji

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