Second house in Astrology

Concepts we will learn in this chapter

  1. What are the “karaka” portfolios of the second house? What all does the second house stand for? What all things are represented by the second house?
  2. Which planets are the karakas of the second house?
  3. Which planets gain directional strength in the second house?
  4. What are the significations of planets in second house?
  5. How to interpret Sun in 2nd house?
  6. How to interpret Moon in 2nd house?
  7. How to interpret Mars in 2nd house?
  8. How to interpret Mercury in 2nd house?
  9. How to interpret Jupiter in 2nd house?
  10. How to interpret Venus in 2nd house?
  11. How to interpret Rahu in 2nd house?
  12. How to interpret Ketu in 2nd house?
  13. What all about a person can be interpreted from the second house?
  14. Which years are influenced by the second house while using Padam Chakra or Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP)?
  15. Which portfolios or characteristics of a chart are determined by the second house when using Bhavat Bhavam concept?
  16. How to interpret the concept of “second from any house”?
  17. Why is the second house considered a “maraka” or death inflicting house?
  18. What relationship does second house have with marriage or children?
  19. Does second house have a bearing on one’s fame?
  20. How is second house related to one’s education?
  21. How do planets in 2nd house affect the 8th house matters?

Second House in Astrology

Also called the “dhana” bhava or “kosha” bhava in Vedic astrology the second house in astrology denotes the following aspects of the native

1. Wealth
“Kosha” (treasury), precious stones, “dhana”(liquid or movable wealth), hoarded wealth, riches, finance, assets (cash, jewelry, stocks, collections)
2. Knowledge
Memory, Values, Family values, Library (personal), hoarded knowledge, archives, reading, knowledge of languages, basic education
3. Family
“Kula” (lineage), “Kutumba” (larger family), family history, geneology, tradition
4. Parts of the body
Speech, words, language, oratory skills, singing, sound, teeth, lips, eyes or eyesight (in some cases left eye) ,face, beauty, throat (excluding the neck)
5. Food
Mouth, “anna-kosha” (hoarded food), grains, food preferences, indulgences of food,

The second house in the Kalapurusha kundli is owned by Venus as sign Taurus. This house has all the Venusian portfolios of wealth, beauty, grace, riches and hoarded values (money and knowledge both). Remember that Shukracharya is a Guru too and also is a karaka for values acquired by a being. The lord of second house, also called “dhana-pati”, shows the values one derived from ones’ family and early childhood days. It shows the emotional and educational conditions of the house where the native was born, the family’s traditional values, hoarded wealth, family traditions, nature of “sources” of food and financial instruments. It is also a karaka for “happiness” (if you are rich, you are happy right? You should have seen that coming..).

The second house lord or “dhana-pati” is one of the karakas of hoarded wealth (this is different from sources of wealth which is indicated by one’s network signified by 11th house). The place where your 2nd house sits or the planets sitting in 2nd house give a general indication of the kind of “assets” or “hoarded wealth” or “liquid assets” you may have in life.

Karakas for second house

The karaka planet for the second house is Jupiter. What does this mean? If you are interpreting results of the second house, also look at the karaka graha – “Jupiter” to judge if second house results are “re-inforced” by a well placed Jupiter or not. A weak or afflicted Jupiter can weaken the results of “hoarding” or “storage” of wealth/knowledge which otherwise a well placed or strong Jupiter can signify. Jupiter “expands” things. Jupiter in 11th house can expand ones’ friends circle and Jupiter in 4th house can expand ones’ home (even give access or ownership of large storehouses or mansions).

However, Jupiter itself in 2nd house is “NOT” a great indicator of wealth itself because of the concept of “Karaka bhava nashto”. In Vedic astrology, some planets if they occupy the very house they are karakas of, they destroy its significations. For example Venus (karaka for relationships and mariage partner) in 7th house (of life partner) normally weakens the marriage or life partner prospects. Similarly, Jupiter (karaka of Gurus/teachers) in 9th house (universities, higher learning) weakens the 9th house and is not considered a great placement.

Planets gaining directional strength in second house

Second house does not seem to be great from directional strength perspective for any planet.

Planets in the second house

At a high level, these are the characteristics which planets bring to a native when they are placed in the “dhana bhava” or second house (please remember, the sign placement will change the nature of these planets also)

Sun in second house

The Sun in the second house can give “great ego” related to the 2nd house issues like familly lineage, tradition, education, hoarded wealth etc. The father (whose Karaka is the Sun) could himself be the forebearer of this tradition who gives the native great ego in terms of family values. Sun in 2nd house makes one like food in general (Sun stands for heat) and can make someone value “cooking food” or “restaurants” in general. Sun in second house makes a person like fried (heated with oils, since Sun is a rajasic planet) and salty food. A debilitated Sun could make one “finicky” about the salt in their food!

Sun being the Govt can also give one access to people who work with the Govt in ones’ family or someone who values working with the govt. Sun being the lord of the creative 5th Rashi of the zodiac may give a family of creative people like artists, politicians or other theatrical people. In extreme conditions, if Sun is afflicted, the native could have ego battles (Sun = ego) with ones’ “kutumba” and also make ones’ speech authoritative or “burning hot”. Being an egoistic planet, Sun in 2nd house could also make a native “burn” wealth by “spending” it, though Sun can also give access to family wealth if other conditions support.

Moon in second house

Being the soft, emotional and nurturing planet Moon is, ones’ emotions are tied into ones’ “kutumb” or family or lineage. One finds great succor or “nourishment” or “comfort” in ones’ family traditions. Since Moon shows fluctuating emotions, ones’ emotional dependency on the comfort of the family will cause the mind to undulate. Speech tends to be soft, emotional and caring. One can be a good singer. Moon in 2nd house makes mother an influential person in terms of family’s values or traditions. Either the mother is the “forebearer” of the family tradition, or the family takes the mothers’ cultural or traditional values. The family could be into the business of caring, hospitality, nourishing (food etc). One finds emotional comfort in the family’s values. Other professions which Moon in 2nd house can show is farming, gardening, warehousing, animal shelters or dairy products which Moon governs with respect to family tradition or profession.

Mars in second house

Mars in 2nd house is not one of the best positions for Mars. This can give a forceful, vulgar or a warrior like (authoritative) expression to one’s speech and demeanor. Mars does not know how to “save” or “manage money”. Mars, the warrior is generally not good with hoarding or managing funds or assets unless there is a “dhana” yoga (11th lord in 2nd or vice versa) happening. The person could be fond of non-veg food (unless other aspects govern). The family could be one of engineers, athletes, martial men (armed forces or warriors in general), doctors (who wield tools like surgeons), or people who take lead in adventurous activities (like hiking, running, engineering, drilling etc). The family culture could be dominated by such “martian” brotherly figures. Mars’ aspect to the 8th house could make one bold and brash in the occult or taboo or hidden activities (sex, tantra, psychic powers) etc. Mars could make one like spicy and non vegetarian food which may be cooked in rajasic stuff (oils, ghee, poultry, fish etc).

Mercury in 2nd house

This is a good position for financial matters since Mercury has the acumen to quickly digest numbers, speech, text and make logical sense out of any given information. Mercury knows how to take advantage of it skillfully and can give native logical capabilities when it comes to learning and articulation with ones’ speech. The person can be a great story teller. Mercury in 2nd house could give a person a larger family of accountants, businessmen, lawyers (text) or people of commerce. Mercury in 2nd house makes a person value “business acumen” and skills of negotiation using speech. When conjunct with planets like Venus etc it can give a pleasant voice or make one singer.

When aspected or conjunct Mars, it can drive one towards engineering (computers / electronics) or mechanical skills of the trade. The native and one’s family are comfortable handling money (wealth) since it is also symbolized by a Merchant. Mercury likes eating “varied” stuff. Although this planet is a karaka for “green” leafy vegetables, the planet may make a person like astringent or “varied” tastes. Mercury being adaptable by nature, the taste is dependent on the planets aspecting or conjunct Mercury.

Jupiter in 2nd house

Jupiter is the karaka for education, finance, management and is the “guru” of the devatas. Guru can give a “loud” voice and one could be born in a family or Gurus, teachers, professors, consultants, preachers, religious figures and such “divine” figures. The person may have a “spiritual” family who may be “large” or “larger than life” in their belief. The person could be born in a “preachy” environment or be a “preacher” oneself. Jupiter being the karaka of “knowledge” and “wisdom”, one would traditionally value both these qualities and this could be enforced through the family. Since Jupiter stands for the law, one could be born in a family which is very “lawful” or one where a lot of discipline or “law” is maintained.

From a wealth perspective, Jupiter normally “expands” wealth and is significant for hoarded assets and savings. A bad Guru could give over-confidence or preachy boastful speech / values. Jupiter loves delicious foods which one could be in the habit of storing or stocking in large quantities. Due to the concept of “karako bhavo nashto”, this may not be a great placement for “earning” wealth, but one’s savings and hoardings could “expand” because of Jupiter’s expansive nature. Jupiter’s association with 2nd house may make one keep a large array of books or a library handed down by the family generations.

Venus in 2nd house

A second house Venus could make the voice pleasing but sensual. The person loves acquiring or hoarding knowledge of fine arts, music or treasures of some kind. The family lineage could be involved in artistic pursuits or into finance, objects from nature (flowers, fruits, food), design and architecture, diplomacy (Venus is the karaka of “relationships”), pleasure, sensuality, products of the face (hair, make-up), dentists, surgeons (facial surgeries) etc. The family may love hoarding artistic things, jewelry, fine arts, paintings, jewels, fine oils, perfumes and scents. The family may also be financiers, bankers or hoarders of “treasures”, “jewels” or luxurious items because Venus signifies the “finer” things about “financial products” too.

Since Venus stands for sweet things like love and pleasure, one likes eating sweet stuff and this could be in the family too. The native may have alluring, beautiful face, eyes, hair and speech and normally is well to do financially unless it is under bad influence or house.

Saturn in 2nd house

Saturn is a planet which suppresses the house it sits in. A second house Saturn can make a person “stingy”. One’s way of hoarding money is by being stingy with it. This could also be a family trend. Saturn in the second house can give a home environment or attitude from family which could be “strict”, disciplined or restrictive in general. Under unfavourable circumstances, Saturn wherever it sits can cause a “step-motherly” or out-caste treatment given to the person for that house’s matters. In this case, it could be step motherly treatment from the family in general or separation from family early in life.

In general, unless Saturn is making some good yogas, the person will find his family as an obstacle for hoarding wealth or hindrance in terms of attaining basic education. Saturn in the second house can make the face look aged, dry or dark (look at other planets associated with 2nd house) and can give curly hair. The food one likes could be “cold”, “dried”, “stale” or “heavy” which makes the person feel slow and sluggish. The food may not be rich or spicy (which is more a Martian or Sunny disposition). Frozen foods or foods with preservatives whose life has been “delayed” or “extended” could also fall under this category. The food could be commonly found, commonplace in nature or one which is for “mass” consumption.

In second house, the family wealth may come from agriculture, land, farming, labour, construction, mining (coal, iron, petroleum, metals, diamonds) or even “dead things” like leather etc. One’s wealth comes later in life through savings!

One peculiar thing noticed about Saturn in 2nd house is this – the person can lie habitually.

Rahu in 2nd house

Rahu the great demon does well in the second house and gives the native great desire for hoarding wealth and becoming the “beacon” of one’s family or “holder” of the family values. They may want to acquire the family wealth and values which may not look completely ethical since Rahu is an unsatiable demon. The person may value “foreign” values or be born in a family with unusual, eccentric or sometimes maybe scientific people who do not uphold traditional values.

The family values would not be conventional by any way, or if the person is born in a traditional family, one may move away and break away from tradition. The person tows his own line in terms of ones’ values. Under bad influences, the person may have a tendency to lie or have a “smoky” husky speech. Under favourable influences, the voice could be “mesmerizing” in line with Rahu’s image of being a chhaya (shadowy) graha (planet).

Rahu in 2nd house may make one “over value” or “hype” one’s values or knowledge and be pretentious in public about it. Rahu looks for status and recognition for his wealth and learning in his family (even through scrupulous means). Rahu being a shadowy planet, the person’s taste of food may vary as per the environment one finds himself in.

Ketu in 2nd house

Ketu the “chhidrakaraka” (aperture making) or separative planet in the 2nd house can disconnect one from the family. This can give one a feeling of isolation, abandonment, separation or surrender when it comes to the individual’s relationship with the larger family. One’s wealth of family values should be determined by Ketu’s dispositor. Whether the person is going to be wealthy, Ketu in 2nd house does not care. The person is also not very much connected to the family lineage either. Since Ketu shows desires achieved in previous births and hence in this birth the native does not care about one’s hoardings, wealth or bank balance. They don’t care.

Ketu in 2nd house can give a speech which is incohorent, scattered, dreamy, lost or detached. The face may look innocent, spiritual or even eccentric by worldly means. Ketu in 2nd house could make one “criticize” or “cut through” other people’s speech depending on other aspects of the 2nd house.

Things to interpret from the second house

What are the periods of “saving” or “hoarding” wealth for the native
What is the person’s bank balance going to look like?
What is the person’s lineage or family background?
What are the person’s family values or basic educational background.
What has the person “derived” from one’s family (samskaras)?
What kind of food does the person prefer to eat?
What would the person’s face look like?

Padam Chakra or Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati

The second house denotes the 2nd, 14th, 26th, 38th, 50th, 62nd, 74th, 86th and 98th year of a person’s life. By looking at the person’s second house and second house lord, one can predict the events for the years mentioned by looking at the second house, its lord and other planets influencing the second house. Do not forget to fine tune the results as per the cycle ruler of the Padam Chakra which depends on the age of the native.

Bhavat Bhavam

Since the second house is also as per Bhavat Bhavam concept – 7th to the 7th house, it also denotes “relationships” (marriage, companionship, unionship) and large masses (dealings, etc) at some level. When the personality is strong, the public image is strong and relationships and “public dealings” (denoted by the 7th house) also prosper because of Bhavat Bhavam concept. To know more how Bhavat Bhavam works, please continue reading

2nd to 1st house
3rd to 12th house
4th to 11th house
5th to 10th house
6th to 9th house
7th to 8th house
8th to 7th house
9th to 6th house
10th to 5th house
11th to 4th house
12th to 3rd house

(… in progress)

Second from any house

The second from any house “fills up” the house with its’ values. Say for example, the 8th house also called the “randhra bhava” normally stands for “holes”, or “apertures” or in general ducts. When these dug up places are filled up (say with water), they form the 9th house – which then is the karaka for tanks and other water filled bodies (manually and not rivers or oceans! Do not confuse!)

This concept although tricky needs some “intution” and experience to use as to how a house which is placed “N” houses from another house can affect it.

Second house as a “maraka” sthana

For beginners in astrology, it may come as a surprise that the second house is also considered a “maraka” sthana.
This is because in astrology, the 8th house is considered as the house of “longevity” or “life and death” or “transformation”.

The “bhavat bhavam” of 8th house (3rd house) is considered the “higher” octave of the 8th house.
12th from any house is considered “loss” or “ending” of that house. Hence the 2nd (12th from 3rd) house and 7th house (12th from 8th) are considered as “maraka” or “death inflicting” houses.

Come to think that your larger kutumba (family/khandaan – 2nd house) and your spouse (7th house) are the “maraka” or “death inflicting” houses. I don’t know if you see it or not, but God does have a dark sense of humour! ๐Ÿ™‚

Second house for marriage

While looking at marriage, the houses mainly looked upon are the 7th house and Venus (as karaka for marriage). However, marriage also means “addition” to ones’ family. Hence the second house becomes important. Any “vriddhi” (addition or increase) to the “kutumb” (family/lineage) should also be indicated or be supported by the 2nd house. Hence for marriage, it is generally advised that one should check out the second house of “addition” to the family. Also, the 2nd house and its lord also play their role in the birth of children (by same logic above) along with the 4th (home/motherhood) and 5th house (children) matters.

Second house and “fame”

Apart from the 1st house (your personality), 5th house (creative genius), 7th house (masses who interact with you), 10th house (your professional reputation in the world), the 2nd house (your face) is also a significator of fame you may obtain in your life. Planets sitting in 2nd house or 2nd house lord in favourable positions can bring periods of mass fame. This is especially true for people like artists, news anchors or media personalities whose “face” carries the value which can provide them mass fame.

Second house and education

Planets in second house do have a bearing on the person’s basic education. Harsh planets (Mars, Saturn, Rahu) normally make education while growing up difficult and full of strifes. It may also give problems in food ingestion and to ones’ speech (as being harsh or crude). Milder planets like Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon make early education much easier and conducive.

Aspect on 8th house

Any planet which sits in the 2nd house will aspect the 8th house (irrespective of the planet posited). This can give results of the 8th house and hence planets sitting in 8th house can give interest in occult sciences, hidden knowledge, clairvoyance or clair-audience, psychic experiences or that knowledge which is taboo or hidden. Dashas of the planet sitting in 2nd house (or if the 2nd lord is sitting in 8th house) can give interest in these activities.

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