First house in Astrology

Concepts we will learn in this chapter

  1. What are the “karaka” portfolios of the first house? What all does the first house stand for? What all things are represented by the first house?
  2. Which planets are the karakas of the first house?
  3. Which planets gain directional strength in the first house?
  4. What are the significations of planets in first house?
  5. How to interpret Sun in 1st house?
  6. How to interpret Moon in 1st house?
  7. How to interpret Mars in 1st house?
  8. How to interpret Mercury in 1st house?
  9. How to interpret Jupiter in 1st house?
  10. How to interpret Venus in 1st house?
  11. How to interpret Rahu in 1st house?
  12. How to interpret Ketu in 1st house?
  13. What all about a person can be interpreted from the first house?
  14. Which years are influenced by the first house while using Padam Chakra or Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP)?
  15. Which portfolios or characteristics of a chart are determined by the first house when using Bhavat Bhavam concept?

First House in Astrology

Also called the “lagna” or Tanu Bhava in Vedic astrology and “rising sign” in western astrology, the first house in astrology denotes the following aspects of the native

Personal characteristics – temperament, personality, health, demeanor and presence, first impression, appearance, inner and outer self (jeeva vs atman or body vs soul)
Body and physique – health and vitality, bodily physique, sexual appeal,
Life path – approach to life, new beginnings,
Head – the first house denotes the “head” of the kalapurusha kundli

It is a trine (trikona) and a square (kendra) both in a Vedic chart. This makes it “the most” auspicious house in astrology.
The first house in astrology is the sum total of your self. Planets sittting in this house affect you (as in your personality) the most. These planets govern your svabhava (nature), physique and your temperament to a large extent. The first house is also called the “lagna”. The meaning of this word is “your primary focus area” (in day to day usage). Lagna or first house is one of the most important houses, since the whole horoscope’s strength gets derived from the first house.
If the first house or its lord are not in a strong placement, good yogas will become weak. An analogy to the effect would be this – “An infertile land cannot have bountiful crops growing on it”.

Karakas for First house

The karakas for the first house are Sun and Mercury. What does this mean? If you are interpreting results of the first house, also look at the karakas – Sun and Mercury to judge the overall strength of the first house. A weak or afflicted Sun or Mercury can make the physique or personality weaker than a strong lagna or lagna lord alone could have promised! To judge the first house, also look at the strength of Sun and Mercury if they also assist in making the Lagna stronger. A person with a strong Sun and Mercury even with a weak Lagna could make up for the lost strength of the first house and have a strong personality.

Planets gaining directional strength in first house

Jupiter and Mercury are the planets which gain directional strength in the first house. This means, they gain “special” powers in terms of gaining strength when interpreting their influence in the birth chart. So Jupiter in first house even if placed in a bad sign like Capricorn or Aquarius might still be very powerful in terms of giving results if it is placed in the first house.

Planets in the first house

At a high level, these are the characteristics which planets bring to a native when they are placed in the lagna or first house (please remember, the sign placement will change the nature of these planets also)

Sun in first house

This is a great placement for one’s self confidence and a the native may be said to have a “sunny” disposition. Such people exhibit good recover ability from diseases and overall a bright, sunny temperament. A healthy disposition overall. The native may however have excessive ego or someone whose confidence makes them overrule others’ opinion. This is because the Sun or the king of the solar system is the very embodiment of confidence. Remember that the king tells others what to do (after consulting only the royal concellor or the Raja Purohit and the intellectuals and not the common masses). Such people could show leadership qualities and like the King take charge of things and get them done as per their wishes. Such people could have their personalities influenced by their father (since Sun is the karaka for father) and also the house whose ruler Sun is (say if Sun is the 3rd lord in lagna, then younger brother could have a fatherly influence on the native). Sun being a hot planet can give a person “dried” up or thin look and appearance. Any connection with Ketu or some malefics, it can give rise to baldness or loss of hair with age.

Moon in first house

The moon in the first house normally makes a person’s temperament soft (mridu), gentle and slightly emotional. The Moon is karaka of water, emotions and soft motherly things which are nurturing by nature. This is not a great placement for someone’s confidence since Moon is a soft planet and it derives its strength from the Sun (as in the light incident on its surface). Moon is an inconsistent planet and one’s temperament can wax or wane like the Moon. Also it shows either the Mother had a strong bearing or influence on the native or the house which Moon rules had a motherly influence on the native (say Moon is the 9th lord in lagna, which makes the father having a motherly influence on the native). This Moon needs the strength of other planets like Jupiter and Mars to gain confidence. Moon in the ascendant can give baby fat or soft, chubby facial features.

Mars in first house

Mars is a soldier and the soldier knows how to push and conquer things. Such people can put a lot of effort in terms of improving or strengthening their physique and making themselves look Martian (athletic, soldier like or strong in general). Mars in lagna often gives an aggressive temperament with lots of energy and passion in general. Mars is a competitive planet. Such a person does not like coming second to someone in a stand off or competition. It can give the person a red or ruddish complexion. This is a form of “Kuja dosha” or being “Manglik” (please don’t feel apprehensive or scared since 50% of humanity is manglik). Mars in lagna makes the person impulsive (the soldier does not think, he only takes orders and executes) and more passionate or sexual in relationships (yes Mars!) . Also Mars in lagna can give inclination for sports and other competitive activities. Mars in lagna can give someone a short height unlike Saturn which normally gives a long height.

Mercury in 1st house

Mercury is an intellectual plant which loves digesting information and playing with words, numbers and text in general. It also shows our mental acumen and ability to process information or associate pieces of them together. Mercury in lagna makes a person adaptable (remember Budha or Mercury gets influenced by others and adapts) and gives the person an overall inquisitive, curious and mentally alert disposition to the native. This planet is very good for business acumen in general since it makes the person clever and quick at analyzing or processing facts and figures. Mercury in lagna makes the person alert. Mercury in general rules professions related to numbers (accountancy, mathematics, computer science) and text (writing, blogging, communicating and speaking). Mercury in lagna can make the person oriented towards these professions. Mercury is a versatile planet and can give the native the gift of the gab or mimicry too. Gifts associated with Mercury are power of argumentation, logical deduction, writing, imagination, intelligence, oration, composing and handwriting.

Jupiter in 1st house

Jupiter is the karaka for education, finance, management and is the “guru” of the devatas. The person has a personality of a “Guru” and hence tends to get “respect” from others around him. Guru in lagna in Navamsa also gives similar characteristics but after the age of 36 when the Navamsa comes in full force. This respect comes because of one’s own learning in life which may or may not have any correlation with one’s formal education. Being a philosophical planet, it becomes the Guru for children (students – 5th house by aspect), wife and business partners (7th house) and universities/institutes and places of higher learning (9th house). Jupiter the great benefic in lagna can cure many other blemishes in a given chart. In general Jupiter in lagna can make one a teacher, lawyer, councilor, manager, financial advisor, religious head and in general those who follow dharma or righteous path (since Guru is lord of 9th house). In the process they themselves become the very people who give guidance to others on this righteous path, depending on their choice of the profession. Since Jupiter expands wherever it sits, the person could develop body fat (or a belly) and in general give an expansive spirit or body. Being a sattvic planet, it gives a kind, helpful, honest and righteous personality.

Venus in 1st house

Venus, the planet of beauty in the first house gives a person a charming and pleasing personality. It is an effeminate planet but in lagna for male nativities (and also female) it can give a creative and artistic personality. Venus is the planet of comforts and karaka of the opposite gender. In lagna, it can give comforts of married life (since it aspects the 7th house). It can give beautiful eyes and sometimes curly hair (especially in signs of Saturn). The nature is pleasant and like-able and a general tendency for indulging in sensual pleasures. The person may tend to make compromises or give excessive grounds to maintain partnerships since they have a great desire to be in a relation. Their approach in life is convenience driven. Venus like Mars may make a person invest lot of effort to look fit or attractive. Venus being the planet of arts can give the native a disposition to look for a career which is based on their hobby or artistic pursuits. Venus or Shukracharya is also the Guru of the rakshasas (demons). It can give the native a desire to be a Guru (in a way) but one which is driven by comfort, luxury and pleasure driven.

Saturn in 1st house

Saturn is the karaka of old age and old things in general. In the lagna or ascendant, it can make a person look old and swarthy. The person (surprisingly) may have a tall appearance. Saturn can make the person hard working and disciplined if sitting in a good sign. If in a bad sign, the person may feel restless, constrained or in general “down” in ones’ spirits. Saturn suppresses the house it sits in. In the first house, it can suppress the person’s confidence or personality until late in life when the person may develop ones’ confidence. If the person is not structured and disciplined, Saturn can punish one and make him lethargic, conservative, rigid, fearful or sorrowful. Positive support of other planets or Saturn in a good sign can give the person patience and perseverance. Saturn is Judge Dredd! Any unrightful action of the native can get immediately punished, hence causing the native to be fearful and threatened in terms of ones’ existence.

Rahu in 1st house

Being a “chhaya” graha (shadowy planet), it can make the person an adaptable chameleon. Such people tend to take the personality of the graha (planet) associated with in the lagna. However, a few characteristics which such people show is an acumen for “changing personalities”. In a group setting, their opinion changes as per the group they change. Their thoughts and ideas change as per their surroundings – remember that Rahu is a chameleon. This is a good trait for business setting or a person who consults others. Since Rahu stands of unquenched desires of previous births, it shows a desire to look like a pioneering figure or a special and important person to others. With bad aspects, such people can also become tricksters or fraudsters who can perform “adharmic” activites with ease. The person may also look self deceptive or pretentious to others . However, with positive influences, the person may look competitive with a great desire to get ahead of others

Ketu in 1st house

Ketu, the karaka for Moksha in astrology can make the person spiritual, detached and psychic in the first house. Such people have had strong personalities in their previous births (Ketu is past life achievements) and can give a person a penchant for anonymity and detachment or humility. The person may show signs of lack of confidence. Such people may seem to lack the “push” when it comes to worldly concerns on other people, but may look learned or influential for psychic matters. Aspect of malefics can make the person a firebrand (especially Mars) since Ketu also stands for things which split (in two or three) or instruments of cutting (like forks, scissors etc). In general, the temperament of the person would be such that he will have a hard time connecting with others and in general feel lonely, incoherent or look scattered. In matters of spirituality, they are very capable of surrendering to the divine. Sometimes they may seem faith driven instead of being logic driven because of their submission to the divine faith. Ketu in 1st house because of this detached view of life may not have the energy to finish projects. However their intelligence may be quick and lightning because of its lightning fast intuitive capabilities.

Things to interpret from the first house

How bold is the personality?
Is this a spiritual person or a materialistic one? (Do look for yogas on spirituality also in this context)
Will this person’s opponents fear him or vice versa (Also look at 6th house of enemies, debts, diseases and conflicts as well as the 7th house of open enemies to determine this)
What is this person’s svabhava or prakriti (nature, disposition, temparament) ? (Dont forget to look at the lagna and Moon nakshatra and nakshatras of planets sitting in the first house to fine tune the results further)
How will the person behave in a group setting?
Is he a leader or a follower?
Can the person be trusted?

Padam Chakra or Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati

The first house denotes the 1st, 13th, 25th, 37th, 49th, 61st, 73rd, 85th and 97th year of a person’s life. By looking at the person’s first house and first house lord, one can predict the events for the years mentioned by looking at the first house, its lord and other planets influencing the first house. Do not forget to fine tune the results as per the cycle ruler of the Padam Chakra which depends on the age of the native.

Bhavat Bhavam

Since the first house is also as per Bhavat Bhavam concept – 7th to the 7th house, it also denotes “relationships” (marriage, companionship, unionship) and large masses (dealings, etc) at some level. When the personality is strong, the public image is strong and relationships and “public dealings” (denoted by the 7th house) also prosper because of Bhavat Bhavam concept. To know more how Bhavat Bhavam works, please continue reading

1st to 1st house
2nd to 12th house
3rd to 11th house
4th to 10th house
5th to 9th house
6th to 8th house
7th to 7th house
8th to 6th house
9th to 5th house
10th to 4th house
11th to 3rd house
12th to 2nd house

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